Meet the Miller's

The Miller’s have been swimming here at Grace Swimming for 4 years. Brad is in our Adult Squad, and his kids all swim here too. Brock, 9, and Blade, 11, are in our Mini Squad, and Axel, 1, is in our Toddler Program.

Before joining our Adult Squad, Brad hadn’t swum in 25 years. He had always said if we had a Squad for Adults that he would join, so when it started in September last year his wife, Sahtina, bought him a pass straight away without hesitation.

Brad’s main aim has been to do something for himself, and to improve his fitness so that he can keep up with his kids. Coach Tina says “Brad turned up for his first swim in his boardies wanting to lose weight and gain fitness. He has since gained the nickname ‘The Adonis’ due to his transformation and sense of humour.” In 3 months he lost 11kg and 14cm off his waistline! Amazing!

Brad loves the social banter with all the other Squad swimmers, and is constantly improving his technique and getting faster. “Brad has never been intimidated by more ‘experienced’ swimmers,” says Tina. “Instead he has them in his sights and has set goals for himself that he has well exceeded. He continues to improve technique, speed and endurance.” He is always noticeably missed by all the Squad when he misses a session. “Every time Tina gives me stroke correction I can feel an immediate change” he says. Brad went from not having swum since school, to lapping some of our very experienced and ex-competitive swimmers.

Brad’s new goal is to do an ocean swim, like Kawana. We have no doubt he will give it his all! He is a great example of it’s never too late to get started and to just have fun!

Jaime Tulau