Welcome to Grace Swimming Club, and congratulations on selecting Grace. A special welcome from Head Coach, Chris Phillips.

At Grace Swimming Club we endeavor to provide our swimmers with a fun and challenging environment. We focus on a friendly experience where the very best can be brought out in each and every one of the children. The club is family orientated and we hope that the parents/carers will join us at Club Nights and Swim Meets to support both their own children and the other families in the club.

There are two separate entities that work together at the pool –  Grace Swimming, which is run and managed by Grace College, involves the Squads and Learn to Swim. Training fees for this component are set by the college and are payable to Grace Swimming only. The second is Grace Swimming Club.

Grace Swimming Club provides access for swimmers to swim competitively and to attend club nights. Fees for Club membership are set by the Club Management Committee and are payable to the club via Swim Central. For more information on memberships, have a look at our Documents page.

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Club Nights

Grace Swimming Club meets every Wednesday evening during the club season (Term 4 and Term 1). For 2019 we started on the 9th of October. Events start at 6:00pm with dinner available at Flippers cafe available from 5:30pm.

You can make online nominations by clicking here, and you can find the Club Night Program for this season by clicking here. Further information on Club Nights can be found in our Club Handbook. More information can also be found by going to our documents page.

Click here for Club Night Results.
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Mini Meets

Macca's Mini Meets are novelty swim meets in swim schools. The Mini Meets are offered to Swim Schools as a great way to give added value to their students by introducing them to the joy of racing in the pool.

Click here to find out more about Mini Meets at Grace Swimming.

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If you are looking at competing here at Grace Swimming, you will need to join Grace Swimming Club. Click here to go to all the documents available for download.