2018/19 Membership

Welcome to Grace Swimming, a family-orientated and friendly club that provides an environment for swimmers to swim competitively and to attend club nights.  To find out more about the club and club nights refer to the club handbook on this website.

Membership with the Grace Swimming Club for the 2018/2019 season is now open.

  • Renewal of memberships this season will be effected without any forms to complete, as Swimming Australia’s ClubLane membership system is now online. If you are yet to receive your renewal email from Swimming Australia, please contact our Registrar.

  • All active members from the previous season will be emailed through the system with an invoice for renewal of membership at the same level as they were the previous season. If there are no changes to the member’s status, for example a competitive swimmer is remaining as a competitive swimmer, the invoice is simply paid through the secure online payment system by via the link

  • If there is a change in membership level, for example a recreational club night swimmer last season wishes to compete at outside meets as a competitive swimmer, before any payment is made the member emails the registrar with this request, the registrar makes the necessary alterations in the system, and a new invoice is emailed for payment.

Dolphin Memberships (Age 7 & Under)

  • The initiative introduced by Swimming Australia last year to encourage younger swimmers to be involved in club night and competitive swimming is the new membership level, Junior Dolphin, free for all swimmers aged 7 years or under is being continued again this year. Membership is free, yes FREE, and allows the swimmer to swim at club nights and also at competitive meets.

  • Another initiative is that the membership fees for all 8 year old swimmers is HALFPRICE of that for 9 years and over. These fees are based from the age of the swimmers as at the time of payment.

The New Club Membership Application Form is only to be completed by brand new members who have never been a competitive or recreational member of any club before, or swimmers transferring from another club. Associate Members who wish to become Competitive or Recreational Members will also use this form.

2018-19 Membership Pricing.png

Associate Members, members who only train in squads and do not attend club night or swim competitively, are not members of Swimming Queensland and are not recorded on the ClubLane system. Application for associate membership is made by completing an Associate Membership Application Form with payment being made to the Club by one of the methods on the form.

2018-19 Assoc Membership.png

Other Information

  • Invoice for payment of membership fees will be emailed through the online system to all 2017/2018 competitive and recreational members

  • Swimming Queensland require all swimmers who compete at club nights to have either Recreational or Competitive Membership, and members who swim competitively must have competitive membership.

  • Competitive members must renew registration prior to attending any competitive meets

  • Recreational members must renew or apply for membership prior to attending their first club night

  • Junior Dolphin - age 7 years or less – are able to swim at club nights and at competitive meets

  • Family Discounts – in order to receive, all family members must apply for membership at the same time

  • Parent members - Families are encouraged to have at least one free parent member. If you are not already a parent member, when you receive the invoice email, email the registrar with your date of birth so you can be registered on the system and linked as a family unit

  • If already an associate member for 2018/2019 season and you change to competitive or recreational membership, the associate membership fee will be reimbursed after the new membership is finalised

  • Upgrade from recreational to competitive – contact Registrar

  • Please ensure any change of contact details, especially email addresses, are notified to the Registrar immediately

  • Payment is only via online credit card. Please note a 4% Swimming Australia surcharge applies to all credit card payments. Bearing this in mind fee increases have been minimal, and many have been reduced. Payment for associate membership is different, as per the Associate Membership Application form