Aimee's #AusOW17 Blog

This week saw 10 of the senior swimmers compete in Adelaide for the open water nationals 5 and 10km events. Thankfully, while in Adelaide the weather graced us with sunshine and great conditions for some ocean swimming. The venue at Brighton Beach had absolutely beautiful water that allowed all swimmers to see the sea bottom the whole race and also some marine visitors that included friendly dolphins, stingrays, crabs but also the unwanted jellyfish. Unfortunately for Ben, he received more stings than anyone on the beach, but didn't let that slow him down during his race. However, the weekend wasn't all swimming, as the team had loads of laughs in our 'lit' beach house, only 50 metres from the water. The endless card games and ping pong made everyone crash to sleep each night, after watching the stunning sun-sets, and thanks to Laura and John's yummy cooking, we never went hungry. After all, we had to be fuelled for our great game of beach cricket once all the hard work was done, which saw some impressive and some not-so impressive hits. Entertainment during the trip was also found in Hayden's clumsy two left feet, Lauren's not so excellent cheat skills in a card game of cheat and Ash's endless laughing. But not all the swimming was competition, as Tyler's diving skills found him a decent fishing rod on the ocean floor, reeling in a nice big seaweed-fish, and the water was so nice it even tempted coach Chris to join us swimmers for a dip in the hot sun. The trip ended with a delightful team dinner at a small Italian restaurant on the beachfront and a morning walk around the local area, looking (or should I saw drooling) into the famous chocolate shop, Bracegirdles. Even though swimming was tough at the time, the results from the weekend and the feeling of accomplishment from finishing the race leaves everyone excited and thinking about the trip for next years nationals, wherever that may be. Well done team Grace, and thanks for all involved for a great weekend!