President's Report - September 2016

11th October 2016

Welcome all,

Club Nights have kicked off since our meeting, and if the smiles on the kids faces at the marshalling gate (at my gate anyway…) are anything to go by, then they are all having a blast.  Without stealing Paul’s thunder too much, this season has excitingly seen 33 new swimmers join our club so far this year.  This in part is of course because we are an awesome club, but probably has more to do with the Junior Dolphin program with Swimming Australia, a close working relationship with Grace Swimming Operations, and the efforts of our volunteers to encourage, educate and inspire those people to be part of what makes us Grace. Last week, we had 99 swimmers nominate, this week we have had 104 nominate, + any that may walk in.  This season, the club night record of 107 certainly looks to be in danger. 

As we move through our club night season, I encourage you all to keep your eye out for the Grace that helps define our club as it is freely offered by all those regular volunteers who offer their time to help out, as well as these guys and other senior swimmers jumping in to make sure that all those nervously smiling first time swimmers will get to that 12.5m rope and feel like Olympic champions.  As the clubs committee, it is also important that we also demonstrate and encourage these attitudes of servant heartedness to the new crop of parents and swimmers that have joined us in recent years.  This will mean that the culture that has built up over the past 20 years continues into the future once we have all hung up our goggles. 

Since our last meeting, our swimmers have certainly thrown themselves into the competitive season in the preparation for the QLD state Titles in December.  These championships, for many of our swimmers is the penultimate part of their swimming season.  The years worth of hard work, commitment, and often sacrifice is all rewarded by qualification at this event.  Consequently, the work of our coaches at this time of year should also be acknowledged, working tirelessly to get the best out if each individual, preparing them as best they can, depending on their preferred stroke, their rate of recovery, their event program. 

The last month has also seen our swimmers represent our club at the BSA Open water Meet. We had 19 swimmers competing, and with the successes achieved, saw us finish in 5th place in the premiership division, seeing us bump up to 8th.  The BSA season will certainly throw some challenges at us and we will need to continue to encourage our members to compete where they can.

The next big adventure for our club members will be the junior swimmers heading to the East Brisbane Development Meet with our coaches as a lot of them get their first taste of competitive swimming at an outside meet.  As a club, our role is to assist our coaches in whatever way we can as they are the ones looking after this event.

These sort of days are certainly a great way to inspire our swimmers to continue to work hard, and make dreams in and around the water.  They also typify what makes us Grace.


Yours in Swimming